Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gosupermodel Wedding Dress Competition

So this particular day I found out that the winner could have their design put into the shop :D
So I'm all over that. I took inspiration from Andre Kim's amazing dresses that he modeled using SuLi from F(x)
Here are some screen shots.
I tried to keep it tight so the least amount of effort would be involved in converting it for supernova. I still don't know how they'll manage that, but I can still dream.
That was the initial mapping out of the skirt. Which I changed later on.

Here I thought I was finished, but it still needed some work. Especially since I know that JR Designers aren't supposed to use 50% opacity at all. So I changed it again, and used some different hair so that the shoulders were more visible.

I think this is the final design. It's currently uploading, and I'm hoping I can get it in time before the deadline. I know it's a little off-center but that's the space available. I didn't want to sacrifice the fullness of the skirt for the sake balance. And I think it looks great anyway. :)

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