Monday, September 29, 2008

Prizes and Tickets

Ok so you know that I was one of the four grand prize winners of the Anime self portrait contest right? Well let me tell you all about it!
They sent me the package with my tickets and they sent me 3 manga one of them is xxxHOLiC which I have been interested in checking out for a while (it's CLAMP! who wouldn't??) so I was especially giddy when I saw the BONUS prize was a xxxHOLiC DVD!
I watched the entire thing in one sitting, and I'm addicted to the theme song now.


Monday, September 22, 2008

So there's this contest...

A few days ago I was browsing facebook and on the side of the page there was a banner for the NY Anime Festival, it said something about drawing and something else about a contest! so I clicked the link.
As I read the details I found out that it was for people to send an Anime-Esque self portrait, plus a regular photo of yourself to's email address.
and what do you win? 2 weekend passes for the festival!
wow! I thought, that's totally me! (I had just doodled a picture of myself earlier that evening) and I have always wanted to go to an anime convention/festival!

so the following day I got to work on a picture. I wanted to make it NON-scribbly and not too comical either. I didn't want it to look like simple paper.
what i aimed for was something along the lines of my pirate copeland drawing
since that is my most animated looking drawing.
I had a few ideas, and normally my personality would turn out determined and funny.... but I wanted it to be pretty because I like pretty things :)
and because of my alias Born4catz I incorporated a cat into it.
I spent all day and into the evening on it, adding bit after bit. then I worked on the background and when I looked at the clock in triumph feeling great that I was finished it said 1:00am. I thought OH NO! WHAT WAS THE DEADLINE AGAIN??
according to the rules the deadline was "midnight the 18th" I'm like... what does that mean?!?!!
so I sent it in with a sense of failure having come out of it with a drawing that doesn't entirely look like the true me.

a few days went by and I tried to forget about it. This morning I even changed my default picture on facebook back to a photo rather than the drawing.
then, while watching sailor moon with my sisters I saw the little gmail box on firefox said 1.
here i am thinking "hmm probably spam like e.l.f. cosmetics or south beach diet. :( but just maybe... we'll see."
so I clicked the button and the screen loaded. the title said Congratulations from SUVUDU!
we all kinda cocked our heads to the side thinking spam?
and then I was like huh?
and then I realized I had won SOMETHING I just wasn't sure what, I thought it was like a manga or something. I thought oh yay I didn't miss the deadline after all!
Then we saw the words GRAND PRIZE and we had to read the email 5 times before it sunk in.
YES it is true, I am one of the four grand prize winners who actually get to GO to the New York Anime Festival!!!!!
I can't believe it! I'm so excited and looking forward to going! Me and my sister, hopefully my brother will buy a ticket! And I will tell you all about it!!! I feel so lucky :) It's hard to imagine how I got here, that drawing isn't even amazing *dies*