Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Youtube: Gosupermodel design videos

I have some videos I've been making and putting up on http://youtube.com/born4catz for Gosupermodel.com designs. People from all over like to watch them and gain some insight into what makes a good design, or how to go about it. I don't claim to be an expert- junior designer or not- I just know that people are curious as to "how" I do it. So this is where they can see first hand. I try to cover many different topics according to requests, or just whatever I'm working on at the time. I'm embedding some of them here on my blog. Facebookers probably won't see them.
Over time as the site has changed, and as my videos have become more popular, I have worked on how the videos are presented. Hopefully with taste and class. :)
I also plan on doing this with many of my current artworks once I finish them. I take more care with regular art since it's paper and I don't have an UNDO button haha. So it takes much longer to produce those things.

This one with the pink background was my first video. it's gotten 29,014 views so far.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kiseop/U-KISS progression.

It started out as just me sitting outside one day sketching on the lawn, I drew a typical manga guy, and then added some cool military fashioned clothes, and it sort of morphed into a U-KISS type guy.
Using the hair- I was going for Kibum but with his longer nose and eyeliner, My sisters agreed he looked more like Kiseop. And since Kiseop is my favorite, I had no qualms about that hehe.
  I was going to work on the sketch some more and try to improve it over the weekend. I went up to the cabin for some R&R and sat down with my sketch book. I decided to see if I could work on a more interesting pose rather than a token head shot of my typical manga-ness.
After some struggles and ridiculousness, I decided on a pose, but I needed Abby to help me. So she posed and I took a photo. Working off of that I made a reasonable sketch. I used my phone to browse google for photos of Kiseop and I worked more on the sketch.

Corrected some identifying features for him, and kept working on making it more Kiseopy.  
Looking back he still has a large nose, but It's a good first try. Kiseop doesn't seemto be popular where artists are concerned, but hopefully this will get the ball rolling. 
When I got home, I scanned the drawing and printed it out in a larger size. After that I traced it with my light box and kept tweaking it. I photocopied my sketches in order to test things before I committed ink to page, and from there Tweaked some more, ditched the sleeves according to personality, finished the line art, and started to make color test pages.

I had two choices, do a dark suit or a white suit.
Testing both, we (Emily and I) decided on dark for a richer look. Plus when I envisioned my drawing, I wanted a dark room type vibe.

I tried out watercolor pencils and some marker tests. Then I began the serious coloring, and kept at it. Fixing my mistakes here and there, and adding more and more to it.
I'm always nervous about doing things, so I have to force myself to push it further. I'm really glad I went back for one more layer on the black/gray suit. Now it pops :) 
I wanted a dark background too, so after I finished coloring him I had to figure out a way to do a background without losing him, messing up the paper, and not having photoshop. So in the end I used up the last of my lighter cool gray markers trying to make a decent background. It looks kind of photo studio esque and that's not all bad.
 I think it was a good compromise for having very little ink left, not wanting to risk watercolors on weak paper, and not doing a streaky marker fill.
I'm really happy with it.  I even rosied up his nose, knuckles, knees, and elbows for a cute little glossy look. The thumbnail looks spot on, but seeing it up close it doesn't look AS much like Kiseop as I'd like. I'll do better next time. :) Right now I'll just enjoy. xD 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Escaflowne & Random

Started trying out eyes, ended up with Varie. I love this series.

Here's some more random marker doodles I've done.


The Cousins

Sorry I don't have anything in between.
Corrected Line Art.
Photocopied and cut up, taped to my light box.

Before it was fixed. Back when it SUCKED.


Since I took some pictures of the process, I think I'll try to sum it up with the poor quality phone shots. (Oh also, I was the USA winner of the gosupermodel wedding dress design competition. The final product was released today. So if you join, you can pick one up.:)
When I started this, I was at our cabin just enjoying a nice weekend. I wanted to make something ornate, and I wanted something that was framed by it's self, so I could fit it on a t-shirt someday. I also like to stick with the art nouveau look, and detailed headpieces. The wings on the shoulders were partly inspired by world of warcraft, and I tried to incorporate as many details as I could. I had a lot of fun drawing the eyes, relying on my eraser to get a white lash effect.
I was working on regular children's extra wide craft paper xD We had lots of it around so I started sketching on it. It's served me well over the years. I started the skin with skin white and milky white Copic sketch probably. I don't really remember.
Shaded the skin using probably fruit pink, and started marking the hair with cool gray 0 and 01 or 02.
Filled in the background and used pale lavender on the hair as well.
Filled in most everything else. Added blue to her hair, used cool grays and purples on her clothing, filled eyes using frost blue(personal favorite) and purple.
Filled in more of the background, frame, more of her outfit, headdress, etc. After this point I didn't document it, but I mostly used ink pots and used white and purple ink to finish up the frame.
The End!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gosupermodel Wedding Dress Competition

So this particular day I found out that the winner could have their design put into the shop :D
So I'm all over that. I took inspiration from Andre Kim's amazing dresses that he modeled using SuLi from F(x)
Here are some screen shots.
I tried to keep it tight so the least amount of effort would be involved in converting it for supernova. I still don't know how they'll manage that, but I can still dream.
That was the initial mapping out of the skirt. Which I changed later on.

Here I thought I was finished, but it still needed some work. Especially since I know that JR Designers aren't supposed to use 50% opacity at all. So I changed it again, and used some different hair so that the shoulders were more visible.

I think this is the final design. It's currently uploading, and I'm hoping I can get it in time before the deadline. I know it's a little off-center but that's the space available. I didn't want to sacrifice the fullness of the skirt for the sake balance. And I think it looks great anyway. :)