Monday, April 26, 2010


Since I took some pictures of the process, I think I'll try to sum it up with the poor quality phone shots. (Oh also, I was the USA winner of the gosupermodel wedding dress design competition. The final product was released today. So if you join, you can pick one up.:)
When I started this, I was at our cabin just enjoying a nice weekend. I wanted to make something ornate, and I wanted something that was framed by it's self, so I could fit it on a t-shirt someday. I also like to stick with the art nouveau look, and detailed headpieces. The wings on the shoulders were partly inspired by world of warcraft, and I tried to incorporate as many details as I could. I had a lot of fun drawing the eyes, relying on my eraser to get a white lash effect.
I was working on regular children's extra wide craft paper xD We had lots of it around so I started sketching on it. It's served me well over the years. I started the skin with skin white and milky white Copic sketch probably. I don't really remember.
Shaded the skin using probably fruit pink, and started marking the hair with cool gray 0 and 01 or 02.
Filled in the background and used pale lavender on the hair as well.
Filled in most everything else. Added blue to her hair, used cool grays and purples on her clothing, filled eyes using frost blue(personal favorite) and purple.
Filled in more of the background, frame, more of her outfit, headdress, etc. After this point I didn't document it, but I mostly used ink pots and used white and purple ink to finish up the frame.
The End!

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