Sunday, June 28, 2009

Somebody stop me!

I need a challenge. I should do something like.. 3 sketches a day for a month or something. This is summer! I'm supposed to have all this free time, but I admit, I'm really caught up in making plans, and then anticipating them going into action. I'm trying to get a job, I'm a mod on GSM, I signed up to counsel at a camp for a week in July, and the anticipation makes it hard to start something that would claim any of my time. I end up doing something easy like play *coughPokemonDiamondcough* where I can just veg for a couple hours. Also having my sisters around all the time is very distracting. I'm not lacking ways to use my time, no. My problem is purely priorities.
Today is the day. One sketch before I relax. And maybe one sketch before Bed. *Determined Nod*

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