Friday, December 12, 2008

Check it out...

Just finished this "design" on goSupermodel hehe, that was really fun to do! It's so easy to use the site instead of making my own drawings, I feel quite guilty that i only have to come up with hair, clothes, and background, I get to skip the brain frying caused by anatomy and dynamic poses, and avoiding mediocre repetition.
Fear not, I have still been sketching, it just hasn't been scanned.
Actually, this site has come in handy! I can quite easily take my clothing and background designs and make a full picture out of it, spending less time coming up with the ideas and more time executing them!
Bit of a lifesaver in the long run. So there you go, hopefully you can expect a "FULL version" of the above picture coming to a website near you soon!
Happy Holidays! (and an early Merry Christmas! <><)

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Living Room Cinema said...

i dig your art a lot and I see that you are into movies.
I'm trying to get a basis started with a movie/review/recommendation blog. Feel free to come over and participate