Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting a little sidetracked...

Okay, to prove that I haven't spent all of my time playing World of Warcraft.. I'll show you what my little sister got me into: (don't laugh too much >_<) It's a site called they basically give you a digital paper doll that you can dress up with clothes you buy using "GoMoney" which they give you when you play games. (if that sounds time consuming ... it is.) By far the best part of the site is they give you the undressed paper doll to DRAW clothes onto using their "designer" game :) and you can make them look like anything you want! (my first design was an empire waist dress ala pride & prejudice - pictured here) then you submit them for approval (and pay a fee of 10 gomoney) and a few hours or a day later its automatically listed under your model's name. It's all mostly 8 year olds playing around, but also i've run into some older ladies and even 16-17ish girls who are future graphic designers; using the site for practice!
Good clean fun is what it is, and how often do you get that anymore? Plus it's something my little sis and I can enjoy together :-3 and it's not like I haven't been drawing at all XP I'm just saved the trouble of drawing anything but clothes and sometimes hair bwa ha ha ha ha XD
my designs have gotten better too, here's my version of galadriel (some downsides are #1 no male models and #2 when you design they give you the box surrounding the model to work with, and then surround it with a HUGE frame of empty space : / it takes some imagination and illusionary work to make it all seamless)
two more I'll share with you are my Alphonse Mucha tribute, and my Marie Antoinette
ciao! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow computers are not smart after all...

Sorry for the flagged page at the beginning, somehow the computer thinks my blog is for spam.
I'm currently waiting for a real human to review and vouch for it...

Saturday, October 4, 2008


On to the festival!
I gave the second weekend pass to my sister Emily (that was a no-brainer) she's 14 months older than me and we are into all the same stuff. We spent the whole week shopping for something cool to wear, I almost wore cat ears but couldn't find any decent ones.

My brother Matt came to take photos for me, and he brought his friend Mark with him who is a video game concept artist, so there was something for everyone!

We got into the city by bus on Saturday and ended up at a Mcdonalds where apparently everyone was on lunch break from the convention! (hehe) the place was packed with cosplayers! Pretty impressive stuff!

We headed over to the Javits center and Matt and Mark got their tickets and we went inside and saw even more cosplayers. One girl was dressed as the main character from digi-charat (FLAWLESS COSTUME!) and I saw a bunch of Bleach's Ichigos running around...
and I was really happy to see some Sailor Moon cosplayers too; nice to know people still appreciate the old skool hehe!

I stopped by the Del Rey Manga booth to say hi and chat about the contest and thank them another million times hehe!
They gave me a slap bracelet, a sticker and a Phoenix Wright foam gavel haha! My brother had fun hitting me with that one. *bonk*

I saw a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy but I didn't have any money! haha ^_^'
Too bad, that Mokona backpack would have been perfect...
I saw SO MANY talented artists selling their artwork too! I wrote down the name of a fellow DeviantArt member named Pallid.
VERY cool stuff! By the time we got done seeing everything there my feet were killing me and it was time to go get dinner and head home.
I really wanted to go back on Sunday afternoon for the art workshops but I caught a bad cold!! What a cool Festival though, I would definitely like to go next year! And seeing all the amazing artists there made me really want to work on my own talents and be as good as they are! Maybe someday that will be me selling drawings!